What is linkofile?
Built on top of the linkme.io platform, linkofile enables its users to share files publicly or with a set group of people without having any previous knowledge of the recipients including their email addresses!

Moreover, once a shared file is accessed/reviewed by other users, their emails addresses will be made available to the sharer. This allows our clients to make connections at scale (i.e. linking up and sharing presentation file in exchange for audience's email addresses in seminars and tradeshows).

Furthermore, and similar to the simplest file sharing application, users of the linkofile can also link up their properties, cars, and other valuable belongings such as jewelry, luxury watches and fine arts on their user profile (linkofile) via randomly generated alphanumeric access keywords and/or branded user-exclusive keywords (business name, tel#, email address, business slogan, etc)! A linked up content can be looked up once its access keyword is entered by a user. 

In a more advanced version, an object can be linked up in its actuality by using advanced image processing methods. This allows people to gain access to the linked up content by opening their linkofile mobile app and facing their cameras toward the linked up object including business logos and emblems. 

What type of business professionals can benefit from the platform?
Linkofile is an inclusive platform meaning that almost all professional individuals can use the platform to promote their businesses. The platform is both b2b and b2c so there really isn't any limit on who can access it in its full capacity. 

Do you have a MVP?
Yes! Our MVP is built around a frictionless file sharing service where people can send and receive data and digital content without having to exchange emails or better yet without having to know each other's email addresses. There is no login requirement for certain file extensions and sizes so almost everyone can use the platform without having to register or better yet login to the platform! This said, users can always login to the platform via their 3rd party user credentials from providers such as GMail and LinkedIn. Needless to say, certain features and functionalities will become only available to those who login and/or subscribe to the platform as premium or VIP users. 

Why are you launching this?
We believe that in comparison to the extent that technology has evolved within the last 10 years it has miserably failed to have the expected impact in real life experiences. For example, for the simplest application of file sharing, odds are you have attended many seminars and lectures where you've been promised to receive the slide deck and supporting documents sometime after the event but you never did! This is mainly due to not having an efficient and frictionless platform that allows people to share their files without having to have the email addresses of their audiences! Across all of existing file sharing platforms, you'd need to share files via email or at best you have the option to share data via sharing URLs using URL shorteners such as bit.ly. Moreover, sharing files on such platforms doesn't necessarily result in making business connections (as more often that not email exchanges get forgotten overtime and remain in inboxes without delivering any perceivable value to the parties involved in the email exchange). On linkofile, every single data exchange turns into making a connection automatically where after a content is shared and reviewed the contact information of the sharers and receivers plus their user profile (LinkoFile) are made available to the other party. Upon initiation of the first communication between the sharer and receiver on the platform, the connections are moved into Leads category which simply means practical (or better said more serious/valuable) connections. We encourage users to do all it takes for them to move their connections to the Loops level when their communications on the platform results in a business transaction. Paid users of the platform will be able to see the number of connections, leads and loops that each user has achieved since registering to the platform. 

Do I have to fill out any KYC?
Yes and No! For certain applications we encourage users to verify their user status as a legit user which means the user's ID is certified via submitted government issued valid IDs. This service is in the best interest of a user who wants to link up valuable (and ownership verifiable) objects and tangible assets such as certified jewelry, cars, yachts, private jets, properties, and even network devices such as WiFi cameras.

What is the main difference between freemium and premium users?
Freemium users have access to limited features and functionalities. For example, freemium users cannot generate branded access keywords whereas premium users can generate user-exclusive branded keywords for their brands. This said, freemium users can always use their verifiable email addresses and phone numbers as access keywords that are obviously exclusive to them. Meanwhile, premium users can use their business names, logos, and emblems as their access keywords. They can also share information of their assets such as cars and properties by linking them up in their actuality so that the associated data to those assets become accessible and reviewable by those interested especially those buyers actively looking for assets with similar properties. 

Furthermore, there currently is a time limit of 72 hours (subject to change without notice) for content shared by freemium users whereas for premium and VIP users the time limit is removed so that they can keep their content linked up on the platform for as long as they desire to do so!

What features are available to freemium users?
Free users of the platform can link up files (not folders) by either using the automatically generated access keywords and/or using their email address/tel# as their user dependent exclusive access keywords. For free users, a linked up content would have a lifetime of 72 hours and it would be automatically unlinked and permanently removed after this time period is passed. Users will have the option to unlink their content and delete the linked up content earlier before the expiry time is reached at. 

Is subscription required to access linked up data?
No! Access to linked up data is and will always remain free across all applications of the platform. An upgrade to premium tier is only required for linkers who would like to use the platform at its fullest capacity. In simple terms, access is free however users may need to subscribe to the platform to share and exchange data varied by application.

How do I make sure that I have linked up a content correctly?
The simplest way is to use your access keyword and see whether the linked up content shows up after it is entered into the platform.

There are few companies who have shown interest in partnering with LinkMe.io. Our plan is to be very decisive with selecting our partners by cherrypicking the ones who not only add real value to the platform but would also benefit tremendously from it in return. Mutual interest in the platform guarantees healthier and longer term relationship with the partners.

We had a seed run at the pre-money valuation of $2.4M. There is always the opportunity to get involved in the project as an investor. We accept both active and/or silent private investors however we will only consider those who have relevant experiences in the b2b/b2c businesses and can bring their experiences and insights to the company. We are also actively looking for venture capitals to take part in the project. Our current priority is to raise funds from investors within the Canada and US borders only.

How can I support the project?
We welcome all professionals to join our project. Given our bigger vision we need people from across the world to help us with various parts of the project be it outsourcing, consulting, mentorship, investment, academia-industry/industry-industry partnerships, and so forth and so on! 

Is your product name different that the platform?
Yes! By LinkMe.io we refer to our company and its platform, the application however is called linkofile.

What is the reasoning behind keeping linkme.io separate from the platform linkofile.com?
LinkMe.io serves as a dedicatedly designed search engine for linkofiles. The linkofile is a social media application built on top of the linkme.io. Plus, in the likelihood event of making the platform open source, having a separate product (based on a similar foundation) makes great sense!

What are some of the main business applications assumed for the linkofile application?
Here is a list of assumed applications:

  • File Sharing: Presentations, Seminars, SMPs (companies with over 20 employees), and large enterprises.
  • Dating and Friendship: Dating and friendship service providers (plus individuals who link up their phone numbers, email addresses, and cars and our properties with the intention of finding new people to date and/or meet!)
  • Auto Trade: Auto dealerships, private auto dealers, and pre-owned car sellers (especially luxury/sports cars)
  • Real Estate: Realtors, owners and managers of high rises and multi-complex buildings (both residential and commercial properties) for lease, rent, and purchase
  • Retail Shops: Shop owners who would like to provide people with the easiest way to review their goods, services, and special offers frictionlessly and on real time basis
  • Sports and Entertainment (Photography, Videography and Image Sharing): Event managers and venue owners of both entertainment and sports facilities (such as concerts/theatres or tennis/golf courts)

How would SMPs and large enterprises benefit from the platform and the linkofile for File Sharing Application?
The simplest usage would be the sharing of presentation files and supporting documents in meetings within and/or across various departments of small and medium companies. By having a linkofile, not only staff can easily share and access files and matters discussed in group meetings, but they can also review other metrics such as who attended what meeting and how many meetings have taken place in a certain period of time. These metrics allow managers to better manage their daily activities and have a better overall understanding of their business environment.

How would individuals benefit from their linkofiles for Dating and Friendship Application?
Those who have a linkofile can simply use their phone number and/or email address as their access keyword. Once an access keyword is entered by an individual, the user's linkofile including his complete profile plus contact information will be displayed to the individual. Premium users can take a step further and start communicating on the platform via its two-way advanced communication channel in hopes for making new connections for different purposes! 

Moreover, as just explained, a linked up car can be used as means of connecting to individuals for making deals, promoting a business, dating purposes, finding new friends or simply getting to know similar-minded people!

How would auto dealerships, auto dealers, and private car owners benefit from their linkofiles for Auto Trade Application?
Auto dealerships can subscribe to the platform so that they can link up their cars inventory via VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) on their linkofiles. Every time a car is look up by an individual, a notification is sent to the auto dealer including the looked up car information plus the individual's contact info. From here on, premium users can engage in further discussions through the platform's advanced two-way communication channel. Auto dealers, and private car owners can also link up their car plate so that their vehicles' info plus their contact info becomes conveniently accessible to other individuals especially those actively looking to purchase a car and/or simply similar-minded people who would like to connect to other individuals who share same interest as their! 

How would realtors, property owners, and building managers benefit from their linkofiles for the Real Estate Application?
A property can be linked up to a linkofile via its identification number (i.e. MLS# or street address) or in its actuality! If linked up by an access keyword, once the access keyword is entered into the platform the information associated with that access keyword, thus the property, will be displayed to the lookers. Moreover, realtors can always scan their brochures and link them up on the platform so those brochures can always be looked up via either entering relevant information such as the property identification access keyword/listing number or via opening the linkofile mobile app and taking a snapshot of the brochure. Once an access keyword is entered, a notification will be sent to the realtor including the looker's contact info for further follow up via the platform's advanced two-way communication channel. 

Furthermore, a property can always be linked up in its entirety. Within this scenario, all a person would need to do to access information about vacant units in a building is to open up his linkofile mobile app and face the mobile camera towards the building. This would work just as if a unit identification# is entered manually. 

Who would benefit the most from having a linkofile?
The answer to this questions pretty much depends on the project progress. In its most advanced version, realtors and property owners of high rise towers are the first in the line. For example, linking up condos in a high rise in a realtor's linkofile allows people who pass by the building to get information about the vacant units without having to google it or go to different platforms in search for relevant information. SMEs, and auto dealers would also benefit tremendously from opining a linkofile account. Needless to say, the advanced two-way communication channel would help realtors and potential clients to get in touch after a property is looked up by an individual.

Do you have different websites for different applications?
Yes and No! Our product application is deployed under the name linkofile which is technically built on top of the linkme.io platform. Although, we have different applications but they are all accessible under the umbrella of the inclusive linkofile application and linkofile.com. The main application site is www.linkofile.com however we do have generic TLDs including .org, .io, .xyz, .net, .tv, .club, .vip, .me, .co, .mobi, .cloud, .app and .online as well as country-specific TLDs including but not limited to: linkofile.ca, .us, .co.uk, .eu, .cn, .in, .fr, .it, .de, .se, .be, .nl, .ch, .at, .co.nz, .tw, and .asia.

Is your company presented on social media platforms?
Yes. #linkofile and @linkofile are our social media handles across all popular social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and DLive. Notice: We haven't launched our marketing campaigns yet!

Why not to just use the www.linkofile.com as the one and only application site?
The inclusiveness of the linkofile platform ,specifically features and functionalities of its sales and trade applications, requires the product deployment to be in accordance with rules and regulations of regulatory bodies of different countries. The only way to guarantee full compliance with country-specific laws is to deploy zone-specific application that is carefully customized for a certain geographic location.

Moreover, our main agenda is to outsource our marketing activities by partnering with major marketing firms within the boarders of different countries and continents for premium and VIP user acquisition.