LinkMe operates in the advanced technology sector for digital asset management systems for business, education, marketing and sales applications. Our R&D activities include the following areas:

  • Controlling and managing access server applications

  • Capturing, storing, organizing, processing and viewing digital images including data management, digital imaging, viewing digital images and special effects of images

  • Optical character recognition, gesture recognition, machine perception of human activity, and machine vision

  • Transmission of processed images to recipient devices and automated data transmission and warehousing​

  • Business management services relating to information and data compiling and analyzing

  • Statistical evaluation of data from market studies, market research data, and marketing Data

  • Cloud computing provider services for general storage of data

  • Conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media

  • Data encryption, decoding, and migration services

  • Development and creation of computer programmes for data processing.

Our Mission

Our main initiative is to develop an inclusive, fast and frictionless data exchange platform that can be tailored to business, education, marketing and sales applications in different industries. The platform is designed to connect demand to supply on real-time basis by increasing the speed and easiness of sharing and access to data and digital content. Needless to say, the inclusive platform would be scalable to various business applications in different market sectors. 

Team 2020


Farshid Tafazoli; MBA [Simon Fraser University]: CEO & Product Designer

Dr. Shahram Tafazoli; PhD [University of British Columbia]: Business Adviser


Mehdi Fattahi [MASc, New York Institute of Technology]: Project Manager

Amin Suzani [MASc, University of British Columbia]: Chief Technology Advisor

Himanshu Goyal [University of British Columbia]: Project Coordinator

Milad Ghasemi [BSc, University of Isfahan]: Software Developer

Roman Babichev [BSc, Novosibirsk State Technical University]: Software Developer